Conundrum by Caymus 2008

Conundrum is a true California wine, with grapes sourced from Napa, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Tulare counties. We often hear the phrase “exotic” when described. It’s a fitting portrayal; there is no other wine quite like it. Each lot of wine is treated separately to respect its unique flavor profile. This approach starts in our vineyards and continues in the cellar. We keep some lots in cool-temperature stainless steel
to maintain fresh, crisp aromas and fruit flavors; and age some lots in a combination of French barrels.
When the time comes to blend the lots, we have not just five lots representing the five varietals, but sixty or more components. That’s when the creative juices begin to flow.  The proportions vary slightly in each vintage, as Mother Nature hands us new ingredients. But
our goal is always the same: a wine whose complexity is appealing to both red and white wine drinkers—a highly styled wine that is excellent as an aperitif and pairs beautifully with a wide range of cuisines. To fully enjoy its aromas and flavors, the wine is best served slightly chilled.

Floral bouquet nose with a dominance of honeysuckle. Muscat is the defining/alluring factor in the aroma of this wine. Enters round with a Chardonnay weight to it then quickly lightens up to
reveal the additional varietals. Sauvignon Blanc adds an herbal element while the Viognier adds a spicy character. The Chardonnay brings weight mid palate and Muscat adds an undeniable honey character to finish things off.

Tasting Date: July 2010
Vintage: 2008
Varietal: White Blend
Country: California
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $21.99


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